Wedding photo pictures checklist.

You’ve got to be kidding right? No, actually we are not.

You only get married once and with so many other things to arrange you do not want to miss any special moments.
Therefore in this post, we will give you some ideas on unique and individual photo’s you definitely do not want to forget to take.

The secret to having the perfect wedding photo’s is, of course, capturing the perfect moment.
Everyone has a level of creativity within them and everyone is certainly unique.

And while having your traditional photo’s are special on its own, it is so important to also take fun and creative photo’s making your photo’s stand out from the rest.

The nice thing about this checklist is that you are not the one who has to make sure that all is ticked. Rather this is a list for your photographer.

Therefore leaving you without any regrets when you finally get your pictures and think that you should have taken a certain photo or with certain people.

So the list below will just give you a guideline as to what such a checklist comprise of.

Photo’s for your engagement

An engagement shoot. Before the big day, have an engagement shoot, most couples already do this, however, not everyone even thinks of it. This is a fun environment to meet your photographer and to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Photo’s to take before the Ceremony

Everyone normally does not take much notice of this one, but having a photo of your wedding invitation is a nice reminder of all the excitement building up to your big day.

Then the day starts. A nice to have is the hair and makeup of your bridesmaids as well as you, the bride in progress.

Photo’s of the dress, jewelry, and shoes.

Flowers – a photo of all the bouquets and croissants.

Getting dressed.

Having fun with your bridesmaids.

Dress details – another photo that can easily get overlooked, however, some dresses have so much finer detail than just meets the eye and is a signature of the bride, that you don’t want this one to be overlooked.

Putting on your shoes and jewelry

A portrait of mom and bride, dad and bride and family.

In all the business, sometimes a bride finds herself for a second just alone enjoying the peace and quiet just before all the hustle starts again. Another one for your checklist as a reminder of all the emotions flooding through you at that moment.

Leaving the house or room where you got dressed in your crew.

Walking in with your dad from the car into the church/chapel

Now onto the groom and his groomsmen.

The groom having his solitude moment, cause believes it or not they also have a lot going through their minds before tying the knot.

A photo of the rings.

Then the moment our bride and grooms eyes meet for the first time on the day that will change their future.

Some photo’s of your trip to the ceremony/venue. Photo’s of the bride’s family and her, the grooms family and him, the wedding party and all families together marking this new and exciting journey.

The ceremony

Check with your church in advance if they have any policy concerning taking photo’s etc. And if all is well, click away.

You would want photo’s of the empty decorated church before guests start arriving.

Then our groom and his grooms’ men waiting inside.

Guests as they are arriving and taking their places inside the church.

If there is someone handing out the program at the door, take a pic as most of the time it would be a little one, dressed in his wedding attire, feeling very proud and looking most adorable.

Bride(s) arrival and stepping out of the car.

Bride(s) and bridesmaids before entering the church

Walking down the aisle and of course, don’t miss the grooms’ reaction

The bride being given away and the exchanging of the vows.

Exchanging of vows.

Giving the rings.

Then the first kiss and signing of the register

The new couple leaving the church and welcomed by their guests with confetti.

The newlyweds in their wedding car

Photo’s after the Ceremony

Photo’s of our couple alone

Photo’s with the Bridal Party

The newlyweds with kids that is part of their big day.

Photo’s with both sets of parents, siblings and other close family members and friends.

Casual photo’s

These are the fun photo’s, the capturing of your guests enjoying and celebrating this milestone in your lives.
Photo’s of the reception taken prior to the arrival of guests

The venue with all it’s trimmings before everyone arrives.

Details of the decorations and wedding cake.

Wedding cake detail shots

Arrival of our newlyweds, toasts and speeches, cutting of the cake and the first dance.

Dad dancing with his girl and mom with her son.

Mingling with guests and dancing guests.

Most professional photographers have got the above pretty well covered, but if there is something special or unique you don’t want to miss out on, share it with your photographer. This is a once off event, don’t have any photo regrets.